Classroom Resources

Ready-to-use nonpartisan resources to help teachers facilitate meaningful discussions with students about current issues.

A Comprehensive Approach to Teaching Current Issues

Close Up’s resources and lesson plans are designed to provide students with multiple perspectives on current issues and enable teachers to facilitate productive classroom discussions on a range of topics.

  • Controversial Issues in the News: Our most frequently updated resource for middle and high school students breaks down the latest issues dominating the headlines each month.
  • Public Policy In-Depth: These long-form units take a deeper dive into broad policy areas give students a solid foundation on recurring themes in domestic and foreign policy.
  • Historical Perspectives: This collection of primary and secondary sources, explores U.S. history, society, and culture through the lens of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and song.
  • Lesson Plans: Our lesson plans are designed to promote civil discourse and empathy for diverse perspectives.

Looking for help integrating these resources into your school or district? Check out our professional development workshops led by Close Up experts.




Controversial Issues in the News

Develop a greater understanding of current policy issues with two new discussions each month. Learn More >

Public Policy In-Depth

Explore multiple sides of broad policy areas and how they connect to longstanding tensions in our democracy. Learn More >

Historical Perspectives

Connect historical events to current controversial issues through primary sources, video, virtual reality, and more. Learn More >


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