Classroom Resources

Ready-to-use non-partisan resources to help teachers facilitate meaningful discussions with students about current issues.

A Comprehensive Approach to Teaching Current Issues

Close Up’s lessons and activities are designed to connect current events to history and everyday life, helping teachers to ensure that their students become informed and empowered citizens.

These nonpartisan resources fit into a variety of classroom settings. Teachers can easily use these materials on their own or choose to enhance their students’ civic education by pairing them with:

  • Virtual Programs where Close Up instructors guide students through discussions and deliberations using our digital libraries; and
  • Professional Development that help educators learn to use Close Up in Class resources to model best practices and techniques for in-person and virtual classrooms.



Controversial Issues in the News

Develop a greater understanding of current policy issues with two new discussions each month.

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Public Policy In-Depth

Explore multiple sides of broad policy areas and how they connect to longstanding tensions in our democracy.

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Historical Perspectives

Connect historical events to current controversial issues through primary sources, video, virtual reality, and more.

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Are Close Up’s resources nonpartisan?
How do Close Up’s resources align with the C3 Framework, Common Core, and state standards?
What makes Close Up’s resources unique?
I’m new to Close Up’s resources and methodology – where is the best place to get started?
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