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Explore the different activities and lesson plans for teaching the Constitution in your classroom. These materials designed for high school and middle school students use an exploration of the Preamble to the Constitution to delve into such vital questions as: Who, in today’s America, are “We the People?” What aspirations inspire us? How do we pursue a “more perfect union?”

Who Are “We the People”

Students will learn about the author of the Preamble to the Constitution and the impact of indigenous ideas and values, and think about their own engagement as members of a democracy. Learn More >

Examining the Preamble

Students will analyze the Preamble to the Constitution and discuss what it means in a modern context. Learn More >

Principles of the Preamble

Students will revisit the values and aspirations in the Preamble to the Constitution and apply those ideals to problems and issues facing communities and the nation today. Learn More >

Considering a “More Perfect Union"

Students will develop ideas about how to make a "more perfect union." Learn More >

Securing a “More Perfect Union”

Students will share their visions for a "more perfect union" and consider how they can build toward that vision. Learn More >

Understanding the Constitution as Aspirational

Students will engage with historical examples of the founding documents being used as vision statements about U.S. democracy. Learn More >

Activities for Building Community

Choose from a number of short activities to help your students learn about each other and the class community. Learn More >