Current Issues

Ready-to-use nonpartisan resources to help teachers facilitate meaningful discussions with students about current issues.

A Comprehensive Approach to Teaching Current Issues

Close Up’s resources and lesson plans are designed to provide students with multiple perspectives on current issues and enable teachers to facilitate productive classroom deliberations on a range of topics.

  • Central Question: Each resource is anchored to a central question which serves as the focus of a structured discussion, debate, or deliberation. Key background information is provided to help students understand the context and history surrounding the issue.
  • Multiple Perspectives: Every resource includes multiple primary sources (speeches, videos, current legislation) from decision-makers and experts on all parts of the political spectrum.
  • Lesson Plans and Discussion Questions: A variety of discussion, debate, and deliberation structures are provided for facilitating meaningful conversations.

Current Issues resources are broken into nine broad topic areas. Each topic area includes historical context, deliberations, current issue debates, and supplemental videos that highlight policy issues recently featured in the news. Hover over each topic to see sample policy issues.


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