Close Up: The Documentary

A film to celebrate over 50 years of informing, inspiring, and empowering students nationwide.

It all begins with two students from different backgrounds…

This short film is the story of two high school students—Iyobosa of Oakland, CA, and Eleanor of Dallas, TX—traveling to Washington, DC, for an eye-opening civics experience. Driven by a desire to make a difference, they listen, learn, and work with peers from across the country, finding their own solutions to issues that once seemed impossible to solve.

Produced to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Close Up Foundation, the film examines the incredible impact Close Up has had on more than a million students and teachers nationwide. It’s about the power of youth, the importance of finding your voice, and the possibilities that exist when we look for common ground.

…sharing a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


The documentary showcases the life-changing potential of the Close Up experience, told through the reflections of students, alumni, staff, and volunteers.

In Order of Appearance

Close Up Class of 2022

Close Up Class of 2022

Timothy S. Davis
Close Up Class of 1971
Close Up CEO and President, 2005-2022

Nicole Compton
Close Up Program Instructor, 2017

Jared Conn
Close Up Class of 2012
Close Up Program Leader

Thomas J. Spulak
Close Up Class of 1973
Partner, King & Spalding

Danny Hastings
Close Up Curriculum and Training Specialist


Student Speaking Close Up Shadow

Close Up has been creating active, engaged citizens since 1971.

Close Up is a comprehensive, nonprofit, civic education organization with the goal of helping young people understand, experience, and take part in their government. Our mission to create informed, inspired citizens remains essential over 50 years later, guiding us in our work to engage students of all backgrounds in all 50 states. Through experiential programs in our nation’s capital and in local communities, virtual programs, professional development for educators, and curriculum and resource design, we have served more than a million students and educators nationwide.

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