Community Engagement

By blending civic education and community engagement, we help students and teachers make a real impact.


We impact students, teachers, and communities nationwide.

At Close Up, community engagement is an integral part of the work we do in civic education. Through our programs, professional development, curriculum, and classroom resources, our aim is to connect what students learn in the classroom to the real world around them.

NNSP, a division of the Close Up Foundation, is the epicenter of our community engagement work and Impact programming, through which we give students and teachers a greater sense of purpose and engage them in causes bigger than themselves.

Consider becoming a member of NNSP, and your school or organization will gain access to:

  • Monthly webinars on relevant topics.
  • Learning cohorts with other member organizations.
  • Degrees of Impact, NNSP’s summer working session for educators looking to connect over emerging practices in community engagement programming.
  • The NNSP Annual Conference, dedicated to best practices in community engagement.
  • A team of experts to help develop and implement customized curriculum plans.
  • A community that is shifting how students learn and ensuring that academics help them become more engaged, purposeful members of the community.