Washington, DC, High School Program

Get a first-hand look at how the American political system works & the role young people play in our government.

High school male student learning at Vietnam Memorial in Washington, DC Shadow

Use DC as a living classroom!

Close Up’s Washington, DC, High School Program is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for students to experience their government in action. During this 6-day/5-night program, students make personal connections with the people, institutions, and iconic sites that embody our nation’s past and present. On Close Up, students have the chance to:

  • Discuss current events with political experts, policymakers, and members of Congress or their staff;
  • Explore Capitol Hill and witness a live congressional committee hearing*;
  • Engage in meaningful discussions with peers from around the country and debate the most pressing issues facing our nation in a Mock Congress;
  • Be inspired by the famous monuments, world-renowned museums, and hallowed institutions that define our history; and
  • Get a glimpse of diplomacy up close by discovering an embassy and meeting an ambassador or diplomat.*

Tight on time? Get the full Close Up Washington, DC, experience in four fun-filled days! Click here to learn more. 

*Subject to availability.




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