If you want to get ready for your week on Close Up, there are some great ways that you can learn while having fun doing it. Many websites give you an opportunity to videos or playing some interactive games with your family and friends. Here are some websites that we suggest you visit:

  • Do I Have A Right?: Bill of Rights - During the middle school program, students have many opportunities to discuss the history of the Bill of Rights and how citizens exercise those rights today. This game allows students to learn about the Bill of Rights and start thinking about some of the concepts they will encounter on program.
  • Liberty Belle's Responsibility Launcher - Throughout the week, students will be discussing the rights and responsibilities of citizens. This game prepares students to think about the multiple responsibilities of citizenship. Students can even print out a certificate of accomplishment when they are done with the game.
  • Liberty Belle's Immigration Nation - This game is great for students adding the New York program to their Washington Middle School program. Students will begin to learn about the history of immigration in our country and prepare for their discussions at the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.
  • I'm Just A Bill - Students will see the legislative process first-hand on program during their Capitol Hill Walking Workshop. Students will also simulate this process during Mock Congress. This classic video will get them ready to see each part of how a bill becomes a law.
  • The Preamble - Students will visit the National Archives during their time in Washington, DC where they will discuss our founding documents. Those students who add on Williamsburg or Philadelphia to the DC experience will also spend additional time learning about the creation of our Constitution and The Bill of Rights. This video will provide insights into the Preamble and why the Constitution was created, which will prepare them for these visits.
  • Campaigns and Elections - Get ready for the White House study visit on program and see if students are ready to hold the highest office in the land! Through an interactive game, students understand the electoral college, the role of fundraising in elections and the role that voter turnout plays in deciding an election. On program, students will visit the President's neighborhood, Lafayette Park and talk about presidential elections.
  • Branches of Power - On program, students learn the history of the Legislative, Judicial and Executive branches and the role each plays by visiting the Capitol, Supreme Court and the White House. This game gives students some good grounding prior to program.
  • Constitution Hall Pass - If you want to learn more about the three branches of government or learn a little about MLK’s legacy before you visit his memorial in Washington, DC check out the National Constitution Center’s Constitution Hall Pass.
  • Interactive Constitution - If you are traveling to Philadelphia on Close Up or getting ready to see the National Archives in Washington, DC, the National Constitution Center’s interactive Constitutaion will help you prepare for that experience. You can search by article, amendment, or political issue. Since you can’t touch the Constitution at the National Archives, this is a great way to a have hands-on experience with the document.

For more information, or if you would like to speak directly to a Close Up Representative, please feel free to contact us at 800-CLOSE UP (256-7387) or at We also encourage you to visit our FAQ page to learn more about Close Up or any of our programs.


"Close Up is amazing! Getting to see the things that Washington holds was truly an unforgettable experience."

   – Patricia, Student, LA
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