Close Up's Washington Teacher Program is the only one of its kind! Every year over 1,500 educators from all 50 states and every U.S. territory come to Washington, DC to participate. On our programs they complete a series of fast-paced modules led by our Curriculum Specialists, share best teaching practices, and return home with new tools to help students better understand their roles as active citizens.

Our innovative program has 3 cornerstones: 1) a dynamic curriculum that helps teachers keep pace with rapid change; 2) a peer-to-peer learning method in which teachers from every type of school setting share insights on how to make democracy come alive for students; and 3) use of the nation's capital as a learning lab. Our classroom without walls draws on the vast expertise of partners such as the U.S. Congress and outstanding speakers such as Education Secretary Arnie Duncan.

The Washington Teacher Program runs parallel to our flagship student programs for high schools and middle schools so that teachers and their students can participate simultaneously. We have also partnered with school districts from across the country to design and implement professional development programs for teachers, including those funded by Teach American History Grants. For more information about customizing a program for you or your teachers, please contact our Director of Teacher Programs.

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High School Washington Teacher Sample Schedule

Middle School Teacher Sample Schedule


"I came to Close Up in 1983 as a high school junior and I knew then I had to do Close Up as a teacher. This will be my 11th year participating with Close Up as a teacher. It is an incredible experience for students and teachers. I have stayed at my present teaching location just so I can continue to bring students to DC and Close Up."

   – Brad, Teacher, GA
Educating for democracy since 1971
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