Thanks to our generous support of our donors and partners, Close Up is the only civic education program that serves every segment of society, actively seeking to provide opportunities for all students regardless of their socio-economic level or prior academic success.

Below are a few of our key philanthropic partnerships:

Bank of America: The Student Leadership Summit
Bank of America’s Student Leaders Program offers high school students a leadership development program that provides students with valuable perspectives on civic, social and business partnerships as positive forces of change within their communities. Students selected to participate in the Student Leaders Program take part in a summer internship experience at a non-profit in their home community, as well as the Student Leadership Summit, conducted by the Close Up Foundation each July. Together, these activities help students develop important leadership skills and strengthen their commitment to improving their communities. For more information click here.

Georgetown University: The Explore D.C. Institute
The Close Up Foundation is partnering with Georgetown University’s Summer Institutes to conduct the Georgetown University: The Explore D.C. Institute. Through the program, students will gain exposure to the historical figures, monuments, and institutions that shape current policy decisions and represent the nation’s history. During the Explore D.C. Institute, students will visit Washington’s major memorials and museums, as well as hidden gems and local neighborhoods that many tourists overlook. Using each site as a tool for discussion, students will examine historical themes and tensions in American democracy, debate major national issues, and explore your ability to impact those issues through political discourse and advocacy. For more information click here.

Georgetown University: Leaders in Advocacy Institute
The Close Up Foundation is partnering with Georgetown University’s Summer Institutes to offer the Leaders in Advocacy Institute. The Institute will bring together a diverse group of students from across the United States and the world to participate in an intensive, hands-on program exploring various strategies for organizing people and influencing policy. Students will be immersed in the real world of decision-making and advocacy in Washington, D.C., hearing directly from policy and media experts, think tanks, advocacy organizations, and influencers from both sides of the aisle. Through workshops, lectures, and leadership case studies, students will examine the complexities of major current issues and the practice of crafting persuasive arguments and compelling messages to support various positions. Students will leave the program well equipped to take on leadership roles at school, in the local community, and in the global community. For more information click here.

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute: Young Latino Leaders in Washington
Thanks to the generous support of the State Farm Insurance Company, Close Up is partnering with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI) to run the Young Latino Leaders in Washington Program. This program combines Close Up’s core civic education methodology and CHCI’s proven leadership curriculum for Latino youth to give select low-income students the opportunity to participate in a unique civic education experience. For more information click here.

Deloitte Services: Operation Next Generation
Through the Operation Next Generation Program, Deloitte programs scholarships to young people from military families to participate in a Close Up Washington program. Operation Next Generation is a way for youth from these families to learn about the democracy their parents are defending and for which many of them are making personal sacrifices. Another special component of this program will focus on college-readiness training and working with Deloitte volunteers in their local community. For more information click here.

Please click here for a full list of Close Up's philanthropic partners. If you would like to discuss a potential partnership, please contact Close Up’s Development team.


"Close Up has made me more aware of my civic duties. It has made me think more about my role as a citizen of the United States, and it has helped me become more informed about what is going on in our country and abroad."

   – Melanie, Student, LA
Educating for democracy since 1971
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