Alumni find many ways to put the skills they learn through Close Up programs into practice. We are shining a spotlight on those doing extraordinary things at all stages in their academic and professional lives. Read our interviews with former students, teachers, and staff to learn about their experiences and accomplishments.


Jaylin D. McClinton - Student 2012

December 2018

After his 2012 Close Up participation, Jaylin D. McClinton’s academic and career choices have been grounded in a strong belief in the power of civic engagement and social justice.

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Brianne Nadeau - Student 1997

September 2018

A longtime resident and civic leader in Washington, DC, Councilmember Brianne Nadeau remembers one of her first experiences in the District was a 1997 Close Up trip.

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Paul Schreiber - Student 1995

August 2018

Paul Schreiber came from Burlington, Ontario to Washington, DC in 1995 for Close Up’s High School Program. Today he is a successful storyteller, organizer, and engineer who has been involved in numerous projects focused on the intersection of civic engagement and technology.

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Anita Ortiz - Student 1988

July 2018

Anita Ortiz has a passion for media and politics that inspired her participation as a student in three televised Close Up Forum programs. She continues to put her passion into practice at Viacom, Inc. as an executive working on issues of diversity and inclusion.

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Jeff Spoeri - Student 1983, Program Instructor 1987

April 2018

As a Close Up student in 1983 and Program Instructor from 1987-1989, Jeff Spoeri developed valuable skills that have served him well personally and professionally.

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Maya Nieto - Student 2009

April 2018

Maya Nieto drew inspiration from the historic crowd when she attended the 2009 Close Up Inauguration Program as a high school senior.

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Randy Schipper - Student 1977, Program Instructor 1983

December 2017

Randy Schipper first came to Close Up in 1977 and returned to work as a Program Instructor in 1983. He could fill volumes with Close Up memories.

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Geoff Browning - Student 2004

December 2017

Geoff Browning found a spark of inspiration to pursue a career on Capitol Hill during Close Up programs in 2004 and 2005.

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Amy Sue Vruwink - Student 1993

December 2013

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Leon Harris - Student 1979

August 2012

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Dr. Frank Mora - Student 1981

March 2012

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"I recently graduated with a B.A. in political science and am now working in the environmental non-profit field. I am planning on attending law school a year from now. The Close Up Program helped me realize how much I want to be a part of shaping government and politics. As a result, I am dedicating my life to public service."

   – Chyanne, Student, MO
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